Is Nutrition Coaching Right for you?

Many people spend a lot of time, money and frustrations searching for the perfect "diet."  Which one will work for you?  Which one will work the quickest?  Which one will be the one that I won't give up or fail trying to accomplish?  Do these questions sound familiar?  Well, here's the good news...

SoJourn Nutrition isn't about any set diet.  It's a restriction free, guilt free, enjoy all the foods you love way of life!  That's right...


Way.   Of.   Life!  

Of course, there are guidelines that you will need to follow but they aren't so strict that you'll end up having to give up your favorite foods!  Whether your goals are to eat healthier, lose excess body fat, perform your best at sporting events - SoJourn will help guide you and teach you how be successful for a lifetime!


Why aren't there extreme restrictions with SoJourn Nutrition?

Here at SoJourn we realize that FOOD is more than just fuel!  Food tells a story!  Sharing food is a fundamental human experience.  It's part of our history, culture and where we come from!  Extreme restrictions go against our basic nature as humans.  You won't find extreme restrictions here!     

Here's what happens when you sign up!

  • You'll get a questionnaire so we can learn a little bit more about you!

  • Your coach will assign you macronutrients (Carbs/Fat/Protein) that align with your goals and lifestyle!  

  • You'll track what you consume and a few other things like weight, measurements, and daily workouts

  • Each week, your coach and you will discuss any issues, successes, and more and make adjustments necessary to help you meet your goals!

Sound like something you're looking for??


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